Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Your website is the perfect platform for communicating not only about your organization and what it offers, but also about your cause and your field of expertise. It’s the perfect place to provide valuable content (both original and curated) and share it with the world in order to build your credibility.

Here are five easy ways you can use your website to establish yourself as an expert:

  1. Share valuable content that will help visitors deal with a life issue they may be facing.
    Depending upon your area of expertise, an example could be posting an article about “How to Care for Your Aging Parents” or “Three Ways to Identify a Family Suffering From Addiction.”
  2. Look for ways to tie your organization to current events or legislative issues.
    This may be in the form of blog posts, articles, press releases, informal polls, videos—any type of content that will engage interested visitors and demonstrate that you know what’s happening in your field.
  3. Share stories that you’ve created for fundraising efforts to illustrate how your organization is making an impact.
    When people see the difference you’re making, it immediately adds credibility to your organization.
  4. Offer guidance and resources.
    You may have a valuable ability to connect your visitors with resources they need, perhaps linking people to the right government agencies, health facilities or other organizations. Make this obvious on your site.
  5. Update your blog regularly.
    To establish yourself as an expert, it’s important to have a specific point of view on issues related to your cause. I don’t advocate being offensive in your opinion sharing, but there’s a way to take a strong stance on an issue without alienating people. Voicing your own opinion in a professional way will help others see you as a respected leader in your field.