Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Meeting the needs of everyone who comes to your site can be a challenge. You may have supporters, volunteers, prospective donors, media folks, board members, other nonprofit leaders and people curious about your cause all visiting our website in the course of one day. So how do you make everyone happy when they’re all looking for something different?

You provide the right types of tools. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential visitors and ask, what do these people need from us? Then implement the right kind of functionality.

Here are three things you can do to make a large number of your users happier.

Make it easy for people to sign up.

The number one thing users want from nonprofits is the ability to register online for events. And by “register online,” I don’t mean make them print out a PDF, fill it out, then fax or mail it back to you. Users want to be able to sign up for events and opportunities right on our websites, with no printing or paper involved. Give them the ability to pay registration fees as well, and you’ll make them ecstatic.

Make it easy for people to keep in touch with you.

Whether we’re talking about staying in touch with volunteers, donors or even your board members, email marketing is crucial. The good news is, the third party tools on the market today are easy to use, inexpensive and have a high rate of return. Placing a Subscribe button on your homepage in order to capture visitors’ email addresses will be a win/win for both of you. A Subscribe button is one of the easiest ways to grow your list and make sure you have the ability to communicate and engage with your audience.

Make it easy for supporters to give.

The ability to donate online will make your supporters thrilled, no doubt. When’s the last time you wrote a check? You might have to mail a few here and there, but let’s be honest—check writing has become tedious. We live in a digital world; most of us make electronic payments. This is reflected in the numbers that we see for online giving. For example, according to Blackbaud, in 2013, overall giving increased by 4.9%. Online giving, however, increased by 13.5%. And the trend shows that people are increasingly moving toward electronic donations.

Think about who’s visiting your website and why—do you have what they need? Providing the right tools for all your visitors will boost engagement and help you build stronger relationships with your online audience.