Posted by Jay Wilkinson

When it comes to nonprofit websites, you get what you pay for. And unfortunately in the nonprofit world, the “do it cheap” mentality is prevalent.

I refer to this as the “executive director’s really smart nephew with a computer” syndrome, or the “we’ve got a volunteer working on it” disorder. Take your pick—they both come from the same attitude that says, “I want a web presence, but I don’t want to pay for it.”

We can all identify with this, right? The problem with this thinking is that you end up with migrant technology workers—people who have great intentions and perhaps even sharp computer skills, but no longevity. Life just gets in the way. A new baby, a college degree, a big math exam, whatever. People have to move on.

Did you know that the average nonprofit has to restart the process of developing their web presence every two years? That’s crazy. These organizations are starting over on the web every few years because they don’t want to spend the money on experts who will stick with them for the long haul or technology that allows them to stay ahead of the curve.

If you stay stuck in the “do it cheap” mentality, you’re going to end up transitioning from one go-to geek to another, and you’ll be on a wild roller coaster ride where you have to go back to ground zero over and over.

The answer is to focus on consistency and stability. Work with a professional web development company or build your next website on a Content Management System platform that anyone can update –regardless of their technical ability. It’ll cost you far less in the long run and get you impressive long-term results.