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Nonprofit technology is the deliberative use of technology by nonprofit organizations to maximize potential in numerous areas, primarily in supporting the organization mission and meeting reporting requirements to funders and regulators. ... Nonprofit technology is differentiated by specific strategies and purposes.

  • Benefits of Leveraging Augmented Reality for Your NonprofitAugmented reality puts a nonprofit on the forefront of technology, helping gain more constituents and raise money. By embracing the virtual world, you can impact the real world. Here's how your nonprofit can get in on it.

  • In building a website, a domain name should represent your mission. But how do you select the best domain for you? Check out these 5 steps to choosing a domain name that boosts engagement and drives traffic to your site.

  • Every marketer would love to get a hashtag to trend—it means expanded reach and influence, a larger audience and more publicity. Here are six basic guidelines to creating a hashtag that has a chance of trending.

  • Instagram can help you reach audiences by promoting global engagement and encouraging cause awareness. Discover how your nonprofit organization can use Instagram to further its cause by reading these six useful tips.

  • In case you haven’t heard, Google wants to give you free advertising through their Google Ad Grants program. Once you’re approved and ready to write your text ads, here are five tips to get you going in the right direction.

  • When it comes to marketing, reaching as many people as possible can raise awareness, increase volunteer involvement and improve donor engagement. Consider these three ways to leverage emoji marketing for your nonprofit.

  • Video can be an inexpensive way to share your story—it basically makes broadcasting affordable for nonprofits without the money to buy television or airtime. And posting videos on YouTube has three significant advantages.

  • There’s no doubt that your supporters and prospects love video. The good news is, anyone can produce quality videos these days using a little thought, ingenuity and their smartphone (and perhaps a good editing tool).

  • A well thought out video marketing strategy can be an affordable yet highly useful way to communicate and engage with your audience. Here are eight video marketing tips to help you kick off your nonprofit's video strategy.

  • When it comes to your online presence, you need more than a mission statement. You need a website that is both beautiful and functional. If you want to take your nonprofit to new heights, make sure you have these six tools.

  • You want to impact the world and be sure every dollar you spend helps accomplish your mission—that’s understandable. But sometimes the best way to change the world is to invest right back into your organization.

  • If you want to turn your website visitors into supporters, creating landing pages that convert should be at the top of your priority list. Here are five tips to giving your visitors the smooth landing they deserve.

  • Payment Processing Options for Your NonprofitOnline fundraising brings in millions of dollars for the nonprofit industry every year, and the numbers continue to grow. But along with accepting all that money come concerns and issues surrounding the electronic payment process.

  • 5 Considerations for Your Next Member Renewal Email SeriesWhen it comes time to ask your nonprofit’s members to renew, how you go about it is as important as the ask itself. Crafting an email or series of emails for member renewal may be one of the most important things you do all year—for the most effective effort, this is a process that requires careful consideration.

  • Is Cloud Storage Right for Your Nonprofit?You’ve likely heard references to cloud computing over the past few years but wondered just what it is and how it pertains to your organization. If you’re still a little fuzzy on how you could benefit, here are the basics.

  • glasses This fallacy has cost far too many organizations too much money. It’s based on misdirected thinking that says you should make marketing decisions based on cost, not on value, and focuses on the price tag, not the return on investment.


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