Kick Butt & Take Names on #GivingTuesday

Are you ready to knock out your most successful giving day ever? #GivingTuesday is just around the corner on November 28. We’ve done the heavy lifting and put together a free webinar series to get you prepared. Plus be sure to check out our new eBook on how to kick butt and takes names on #GivingTuesday.

  • Pave the Way for a Successful #GivingTuesday | Recording
  • Convert Supporters on #GivingTuesday with Powerful Landing Pages | Recording
  • Social Media 101 for #GivingTuesday  | Recording
  • #GivingTuesday Before, During and After—Your 9-Week Success Plan! | Recording
  • How to Leverage Blogging & Thought Leadership for #GivingTuesday | Recording
  • Avoiding Donor Attrition after #GivingTuesday | Recording

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