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Get everyone on the same page and build a stronger community today.

Whether you’re looking for better volunteer management, board member management or simply a way to communicate more effectively with your nonprofit’s community, Firespring’s member solutions tool is one you can’t live without.

You’ll build a better, more cohesive community when you:

  • Privately communicate with donors, board members, staff and volunteers through a centralized, password-protected area within your site.
  • Allow your groups to update their information, sign up for opportunities and access private events and resources.
  • Manage, organize and track engagement from your volunteers, members, constituents and donors all in one place.
  • Add a searchable member directory on any page of your website.

With our easy-to-use member solutions tools, your volunteer, member and board management will become effortless. Take control of your nonprofit’s member management today. Contact us at 877.447.8941 or email

East End Arts Council

“We’ve definitely had an increase in online membership renewals, which we’re able to do on our website. It’s really a no-brainer for organizations, particularly other nonprofits that have a limited budget. The functionality is there and the price is incredible, so why wouldn’t you go with Firespring?”

Stephanie Smith, Marketing & PR Manager

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