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Travis Eubanks is a senior advertising and public relations student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with minors in sociology and political science. As a marketing intern at Firespring, he used his creative skills and classroom experience to help nonprofits fulfill their missions and reach new heights. Previously, Travis worked at MembersOwn Credit Union where his dedication to working with nonprofits began.

Even when outside the office and classroom, Travis's creative passions follow him wherever he goes. Film photography, calligraphy and baking are among his latest creative endeavors, and you can probably find him snapping candids of his friends at any Husker sporting event.

  • How Fake News Impacts Your OrganizationInstead of waiting to defend your cause, telling and showing your audience the facts and scientific evidence before they are bombarded with false information can help prepare them to dispel any fake news they may come across.

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