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Social media marketing has leveled the playing field and given nonprofits a way to increase awareness and exposure. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are still struggling to utilize social media sites to the fullest.

Whether you just need help getting started with social media or struggle with your current pages, explore this library of nonprofit social media best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

  • 20 Things to Tweet About (When You Don’t Know What to Tweet)Here are 20 suggestions for when you get stuck and don’t know what to tweet. And remember, just because the character limit is 280, it doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Sometimes brevity is best.

  • Influencer Marketing: What It Is and How It Can Work for Your NonprofitLooking for a little attention? Let’s take a quick look at the basics of influencer marketing, how it could benefit your nonprofit organization and five simple ways to help you begin locating influencers.

  • Social Share Buttons Help Raise More Money and AwarenessEver wonder if you’re wasting your time on social media? Is anyone even paying attention? Quit wasting time and learn what social media analytics is and why it’s vital to the overall health of your nonprofit.

  • Should You Be Worried About Using Facebook Ad Targeting?Facebook and its targeting/business practices have been Kind of a Big Deal lately. So let’s clear the air: What exactly does that mean when it comes to marketing tactics for your nonprofit?

  • 5 Easy Ways to Attract Millennials to Your NonprofitSmart nonprofits know that a young adult who becomes engaged today could contribute thousands of dollars over their lifetime. The question is, how do you attract this generation & get them to connect emotionally?

  • How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Affects Your Nonprofit (and what to do about it)Learn what Facebook’s algorithm means for your nonprofit organization’s social media presence and gather some ideas on how to still be seen in your followers’ newsfeed.

  • 10 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Facebook FollowersIf your nonprofit already has a Facebook page, the best way to expand your reach & connect with more constituents is by increasing your Facebook followers. We have 10 surefire ways to get you going with this social media platform.

  • 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of LinkedInLinkedIn is a social media site that can return great results for nonprofits—if you know how to use it effectively, that is. Here are five LinkedIn features that a nonprofit like yours can benefit from for exchanging ideas and opportunities.

  • Creating a Social Media Strategy Guide for Your NonprofitYour nonprofit needs to be present on social media. Outlining a strategic plan will boost engagement on social media, make sure posting gets done and increase fundraising efforts. Unsure where to start? We have you covered.

  • Facebook’s Fundraising Tools: Deciding What’s Best for Your NonprofitWhile Facebook’s fundraising tools have potential, they do come with some drawbacks. How can you decide what’s best? Take a look at some of the pros & cons on how they can benefit your nonprofit organization.

  • 12 Nonprofit Examples that Rock at FacebookHaving a social media presence for your nonprofit organization can often times be confusing. Luckily, some are ahead of the curve. Get started by checking out these 12 nonprofit examples with profiles that rock at Facebook.

  • How Fake News Impacts Your OrganizationInstead of waiting to defend your cause, telling and showing your audience the facts and scientific evidence before they are bombarded with false information can help prepare them to dispel any fake news they may come across.

  • 642075a7-6832-428b-880a-07f5f8a02e92.jpgOne area with enormous potential for your nonprofit to tap into is Facebook 360° video & photos. Today, we’re going to discuss tricks for your organization to get started. After all, 360° engagement is not going away anytime soon

  • Making Nonprofit Messages as Personal as ‘Canned’ BeDepending on how big your nonprofit is, you can control how your messaging works. If you are a smaller nonprofit, it would be beneficial to give a personal response to the question or concerns based on your company’s standards.

  • How to Raise More Money with Facebook’s Fundraising ToolsNonprofit organization’s can launch fundraiser pages on Facebook—in addition to their general profile page—to promote special fundraising campaigns. When a user donates, that can be shared which also includes a donate button.

  • How Your Nonprofit Should Respond to Bad News in the WorldSocial media provides an opportunity for brands to express everything from outrage to sympathy when innocent lives are lost and terrible things happen to good people—should you add your voice to the crowd or be silent?

  • Ten Ways to Make Twitter Work Better for Your NonprofitThose 140 characters you send to your followers each time you tweet matter—and may matter even more going forward. Twitter will remain a social media giant for the foreseeable future. Here are ten things to keep in mind.

  • Using Facebook Live to Grow Your CauseFacebook Live is taking the online community by storm. How can your nonprofit get involved in the action? Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to use Facebook Live Video in your organization. Lights, camera, action!

  • Instagram Profile that Inspires DonorsThe first move towards utilizing Instagram for your nonprofit organization is creating an account. Follow these steps on how to create an Instagram account that will attract and inspire new donors and keep your organization on the radar of your current donors.

  • 43aa0852-00fc-4b37-89ce-eaf8953b3ec2.pngWith 98% of nonprofits on social media, hashtags have become a marketing necessity. Start with these eight trending hashtags and begin incorporating them into your social media marketing using the tips after each one.

  • 400faecb-81de-4325-a35d-3f84a92d3c39.pngInstagram can help you reach audiences by promoting global engagement and encouraging cause awareness. Discover how your nonprofit organization can use Instagram to further its cause by reading these six useful tips.

  • 19f586ba-bfe0-4216-a619-8081addf8125.pngSnapchat has a huge potential to drive engagement and build your support base particularly if your constituents are 13–25-year-olds. Read these five ways Snapchat can boost your nonprofit organization's visibility.

  • e1bdd85c-1c32-4579-8451-5877e235d2d3.pngWhen it comes to social media, broadening your scope and reaching into other social media platforms like Pinterest, can help tell your story in a different way to engage constituents and build a stronger online community.

  • 6a9708f0-9875-4758-b59f-1dbd2bdf8b57.jpgTry as you may, it’s impossible to please everyone—there will always be people who issue a complaint about your cause or organization. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here’s the upside to having online critics.

  • 7dd2c3a5-f6c4-4220-a742-cb773d96242f.jpgYour nonprofit doesn’t have to be dubbed an “Influencer” on LinkedIn (a coveted invitation-only title) to build online influence. LinkedIn’s publishing platform provides an opportunity to expand your reach in a major way.

  • 31336366-da00-4289-ac46-0a6dadddb885.jpgGeorge Clooney may think Twitter is stupid, but social networking can be vital to growing your mission. When used properly, Twitter can lead to increased brand recognition, boosted web traffic, more volunteers and new donors.

  • 932cdca1-4475-4096-9704-28e294ad413b.jpgHashtags are used on almost all major social networks, but despite their popularity, they’re not always used effectively. Here is a quick guide on how nonprofits can make the best use of hashtags when posting updates or images.

  • 236dbb16-b88e-4f7b-9cef-4ea145252798.jpgWhen used properly, social media can be vital to helping nonprofits increase awareness and connect with potential donors on a personal level. If you’re utilizing social media to grow your mission, consider these five tips.

  • 5 Considerations for Your Next Member Renewal Email SeriesThere’s no doubt that Twitter can be an effective way to engage with your constituents and spread the word about your cause. If you commit to tweeting (and/or retweeting) at least twice a day and really learn to enjoy it, then your efforts will likely pay off in increased brand recognition, referral traffic, new donors, volunteers and event attendees.

  • Like it or not, what other people think about you matters. While you can’t prevent negative reviews, you can take control of your brand’s online rep.

  • 5 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Cover PhotoThe Facebook cover photo has become a powerful marketing and branding tool for nonprofits. This spot is prime real estate for promoting your cause—are you taking advantage of it?

  • 5 LinkedIn Groups Every Nonprofit Pro Should JoinNonprofit professionals have more resources than ever when it comes to getting connected, and few resources are more valuable than the Internet. Today, it is easier than ever for nonprofit professionals to use the Internet to connect with others through LinkedIn.

  • integrated payment providerWe hear the term “thought leader” thrown about often, but what does it really mean? Here’s a definition I like: Someone whose views on a subject are authoritative and influential.

  • social media Are there benefits to being on all social media networks even if you can’t devote a lot of time to them? There are only two social media sites that I consider to be must-haves, and I think every nonprofit should be on them.

  • Twitter bird I get asked for Twitter tips for nonprofits all the time, especially how important retweeting, favoriting and sharing other organizations’ posts is. I think it’s very important, but you need to have your own unique posts as well.

  • social media I frequently get asked about the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn for nonprofits—many often wonder where they should be more engaged. First, let me say that your number one priority is your own website, over and above any social network.

  • Fake MusclesToo many nonprofit leaders expect that their volunteers will automatically feel empowered to help raise money for their cause. But research has shown that this is not the case. Empowering your volunteers to fundraise is an important, intentional step.

  • listeningWhat is the worst thing someone could say about your nonprofit online? The answer should be, “Nothing.” But with nonprofits online, it’s better to be in on the conversation rather than not knowing it’s happening. Here’s how you can be.

  • chainsI believe LinkedIn is an effective tool and perhaps the most valuable social network for nonprofits. You can build a great repository of information with valuable connections. So here are five LinkedIn power tips for nonprofits to get you moving and shaking.

  • twitter cut out When Twitter first came onto the scene, many people were skeptical, and some still are. Here are three power Twitter tips for nonprofits to get you over the hump and use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool for your nonprofit.

  • Four Facebook Power Tips for NonprofitsI’ve made it pretty clear, both here and in my webinars, that I believe most nonprofits should think twice about investing heavily in social media. Social media isn’t for every nonprofit—but having a presence still might be helpful.

  • email newslettersAre QR codes for nonprofits still around? Most definitely. Because 50% of internet searches are conducted on mobile devices, and 50% of mobile phone users use their smartphones as their primary internet source.

  • facebookBad advice: Nonprofits should focus all their time on Facebook because that’s where everyone is. Good advice: Don’t abandon your nonprofit website. Facebook will never replace it. No other social media will either. Here’s why.

  • Like You’re on social media to engage with your supporters. Check out these important takeaways that you can implement today to make your Facebook strategy more engaging and effective. Build your brand through social media.

  • punchingManaging your online presence might seem intimidating if your organization is involved in several social networks. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here are four power tips I always recommend that cover the gamut of social media for nonprofits.

  • TwitterrWith Twitter, you have just 140 characters—each tweet is a short message. You can accomplish a lot with Twitter, and if you’re not using it yet I’d encourage you to begin. This can be a very effective tool for your nonprofit, to spread your word and connect with your supporters.


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