Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Last year, Google released a report that showed donors who give during the holiday season start researching worthy nonprofits as early as September. And according to the 2013 Charitable Giving Report, 34% of overall giving happened October through December.

The year-end impact for nonprofits is critical, which is why it’s important to plan for it now. Here are five compelling reasons to get your year-end appeal strategy in place.

1. You have time to develop an engaging campaign.
Donors are bombarded with requests to give during the holiday season. Planning your year-end campaign now will give you time to strategize and make sure it’s as compelling as possible. Last-minute campaigns that are thrown together often lack focus.

2. You have time to invest in donor relationships.
Of course, building relationships is a yearlong endeavor. But if you think your organization has been slacking in that department, you still have time to show some donor love before December hits. Good donor relationships can make or break your year-end campaign’s success.

3. You have time to talk about your finances.
When donors shop around for nonprofits, one of the things they look for is financial transparency. Making financial information easy to find is a huge advantage for year-end campaigns. Also, think outside the financial report. An infographic may be a creative way to show how your finances are being distributed.

4. You have time for event planning.
Host a major year-end event? Start planning now, if you haven’t already. One plus of planning ahead is you may be able to get better deals from vendors. For example, ordering holiday party invitations this month may earn you a small discount as opposed to waiting until October or November when printers are in full holiday mode.

5. You have time to evaluate and/or beef up your website.
Your website can make or break a potential donor’s decision to give. Now is the best time to evaluate your site and decide if you want to make updates, changes or improvements so it’s in tip-top condition when the holiday season hits. It’s also an excellent time to make tweaks that will boost SEO.

From email marketing to setting up promotions on your website and building out fundraising campaigns, Firespring can help you craft the perfect year-end appeal. Call 877.447.8941 or contact us to learn more.