Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Infographics are visual images, like a chart or a diagram, that are used to present information or data. They’re all the rage in content marketing, plus they’re highly effective at driving traffic to your organization’s website and increasing your visibility on social media. Don’t have a designer on staff to help you create one? No worries. There are plenty of infographic resources like Visually to help you get the job done.

First, though, it’s good to understand how to turn your info into a graphic. Here are five simple steps.

1. Set your goals. 
Think about your target audience—what do they want to know? Do you have fundraising results to share? Statistics or data related to your cause? Before you even think about design, know your infographic’s purpose.

2. Write it out.
Be sure to include all the relevant information upfront—it might be difficult to add something in later.

3. Create graphics.
Here’s where the help of a designer or an online infographic resource comes in. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a compelling design will attract attention.

4. Lay it out.
Flow is very important. Online readers tend to skim quickly over information. Your layout should guide a viewer’s eyes through the graphic so that the information makes sense.

5. Share it.
Once you get it where you want it, share your infographic on social media. Remember that many people will view it on a mobile device, so keep that in mind when creating it.