Posted by Randy Hawthorne

The year-end may be over, but the craze doesn’t stop there. Anyone involved with the nonprofit sector is already thinking of ways to reconnect with donors and preparing for the next big giving season.

In the midst of all the planning craze, it’s easy to forget the volunteers who provide vital services and bring passion to your organization. Here are three simple tactics to show volunteers their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

For starters, one of the easiest ways you can create relationships with your volunteers is by being present, watching their work and by literally telling them your appreciation on the spot. This is especially rewarding when it comes from the Executive Director of your organization, or someone else who is often busy with upper-level operations.

Once a week, make it a habit to drop by the different areas where your volunteers are working and make a quick comment about the importance of their contributions and the appreciation you have for them.

Don’t confuse this with micromanaging. The purpose of a stop like this isn’t to critique their work or give suggestions — that should be done behind closed doors. Instead, knowing that someone is nearby and expecting excellent work can help boost motivation, and being personally appreciated for work can help boost morale.

If you want to get fancy, consider holding an awards ceremony or incorporating a volunteer appreciation segment in your next company celebration or conference. This could highlight the many projects and improvements thanks to your volunteers, and you could even award a Volunteer of the Year.

However, I would recommend keeping this separate from the lunch social previously mentioned. Use the first to get to know your volunteers, and use the latter to show them off to the rest your nonprofit.

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