Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Change can spur some unexpected (awesome) outcomes. But we’re resorting to excuse after excuse as to why we’re waiting to make the change happen.

If you’re looking for a better fundraising strategy for your nonprofit, change is a necessity. And the first step can happen today. Scary? Maybe. But I know you can handle it.

And it all starts with your website. To start, make a small change (with big outcomes) by testing to see if you can get anywhere on the site in three clicks or less. If not, your website users are less likely to navigate to your donation and call-to-action pages.

Plus, you might not know that your website must be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. If somebody with sight impairment tries to use your website, they might use screen reading software. Make sure your site is up to date so that everybody can use it.

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