Posted by Lisa Thompson

It’s 2015—to say that you need the ability to take online donations for your nonprofit is a no-brainer. Writing out a check, addressing an envelope and dropping it in the mail requires way more effort than many donors these days are accustomed to. Many people want to give with a click of a button.

Simply put, by giving your donors a fast, simple and integrated option for online donations, you’re making it easier for them to support you. Plus, an integrated payment system typically means lower attrition rates and a faster processing time for you.

If you don’t already have an integrated payment provider, here are five reasons to get one.

  1. Donors never have to leave your site to make a secure donation. Nonprofit websites that take donors to a third-party site during the donation process have been shown to increase attrition rates. It can be like watching money walk away. With the way that online giving has been growing over the past several years, it’s crucial that you make it easy and secure for donors to use your website and donation form to financially support your nonprofit. Plus, it’s just good practice to offer your online visitors all the tools they need on your website, making it easy and painless to engage, register, donate, sign up—whatever it is that they came there to do.
  2. It makes online donations easy. If you don’t make it easy to give to your nonprofit, donors will give elsewhere, it’s that simple—especially younger donors who expect a seamless online and mobile experience. For maximum benefit for both you and your supporters, you want a donation page that allows donors to easily give along with the ability to track gifts and send thank-yous.
  3. You can encourage recurring gifts. According to Network for Good, the average recurring donor gives 42% more to nonprofits during the course of a year than one-time donors. Asking for recurring gifts can be a standard part of your fundraising appeals and an integrated payment system helps you lock in donors without a lot of effort. Just be sure to keep your loyal donors updated about where their money is going and how it’s being used to further your cause. Clear and transparent communication is important.
  4. You’ll capture more impulse and busy donors. Due to the simplicity and speed of online donations, you’re much more likely to capture impulse donors who are moved to support your nonprofit from the content on your website. You’re also more likely to capture people who want to show support, but don’t have the time to go through a long donation process.
  5. You’ll save time and money. If you’re going to accept debit and credit cards for donations (and you should), you’re going to pay fees—there’s no way around that. But if you shop around and explore your options, you’ll find integrated payment solutions that offer discounts to nonprofits. Once set up with the appropriate solution, thousands of gifts can be handled electronically, reducing the burden on your staff. Ultimately an integrated payment system will lessen the workload, saving you valuable time and money.

In a nutshell, an integrated payment system will allow your nonprofit to securely and seamlessly accept donations and receive the funds immediately from your website.