Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Marrying a nonprofit’s online and offline fundraising efforts is not easy, but it’s crucial for the success of every organization. The two channels of fundraising should never operate in silos—they should work in sync, or you may miss out on significant revenue.

Remember this—every time you post something to social media or update your website, everything that you do online must align with what you do offline. All of your efforts must have a common theme and purpose. The two worlds must be integrated in order to accurately reflect who the organization is. If more than one persona exists, it’s confusing to the supporters, and with confusion comes hesitation.

More often than not, the disconnect between an organization’s website and its other marketing efforts is the result of the website project being handed off to the biggest nerd in the room, rather than someone on the organization’s leadership team. As a reforming nerd myself, I can vouch for the fact that this doesn’t always lead to ideal results.

Online and offline, nonprofits need to consistently convey the same message. Here’s the key to that: In order to marry these two worlds, they need to be directed and managed from the top down, and the online presence needs to be overseen by someone with deep institutional knowledge and the authority to make important decisions.

The internet has given us a wonderful opportunity to reach thousands more people than we ever could with just our offline efforts alone. But with opportunity comes responsibility—and it’s on all of us as leaders to be responsible with the stewardship of the brand of our organization.