Posted by Jay Wilkinson

As I travel to speak at events around the country or during my webinars for nonprofit leaders, I’m asked several questions about how organizations can optimize their websites. Here’s a common one that maybe you’ve wondered about yourself.

Q: In print campaigns, newsletters and direct mail, we often want to send people to a landing page on our website. What is the appropriate language to direct users to a nonprofit landing page since we can’t put a live link in a printed piece?

A: What you’ll typically see on a printed piece that’s designed to get people online is a URL like followed by a word or phrase that describes something about that landing page—and that URL will take them directly there.

Your objective is to make it as easy as possible for users to get to your page, so you’ll want to keep the word after the slash short. Think five to eight letters maximum. With Firespring’s technology—and with a lot of technologies that are out there—you can easily setup your domains to do that.

Let’s say you have a fundraising walk in 2015 and you want people to be able to find out more information or register online. Your nonprofit landing page URL could simply be and that’s what people would type in—easy and not much longer than your web address.

Basically, you want to come up with as few characters as possible, but try to use a real word rather than just a bunch of initials, like X217596 or whatever. You want the additional characters to mean something and be memorable.