Posted by Lisa Thompson

Content marketing is about creating and sharing information (videos, images, infographics, newsletters, white papers, etc.) in order to attract and engage with your prospects and constituents. Nine out of ten organizations use content marketing, while marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budgets on it.

Why? Because content marketing is effective.

Still wondering how this applies to your nonprofit? These five tips can help you determine what type of content would be most valuable for you to share on both social media and your website.

  1. Have a purpose. Everything that your nonprofit posts on social networks should come with a reason. Whether it’s a picture of a kitten or a video of an event, always have a reason for posting it.
  2. Create unique content that sets your nonprofit apart. Don’t just share content from other people—create your own. Engaging videos, interesting infographics and memorable images can help share the story of your nonprofit, plus you can stamp your brand on them.
  3. Engage. Interact with your online community. Ask questions and answer ones from supporters. Be involved and interested—they’re going to have the conversation with or without you.
  4. Connect with your audience. Share content that’s relevant to them and, if possible, stay away from controversial topics. Positive content equals positive emotions.
  5. Be a person first and an organization second. If your content marketing strategy is to blast your audience with links to give, donate and contribute, you’re missing the mark. Content marketing is not about soliciting. But if you give your brand personality and warmth via the content you share, people will naturally want to connect with you.