Posted by Tony Endelman

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and it’s an essential part of nonprofit marketing. In fact, social media is quickly catching up to email marketing and websites.  In Social Media Benchmark’s 2015 report, they found that nonprofit Facebook and Twitter followers grew 42% and 37%, respectively. For nonprofits, social media is growing three times faster than email.

When used properly, social media can be vital to helping nonprofits increase awareness and connect with potential donors on a personal level. If you’re utilizing social media in an attempt to grow your mission, consider these five tips:

  1. Focus on them, not you.
    Nonprofits need to “stop talking about me, me, me, and start talking about them, the donors,” shared Invisible People’s Mark Horvath in an interview with HootSuite. “This connects back to your nonprofit’s story being about your donors and not just the organization.” The fact is, when you make your donors feel like they’re part of your story and making an impact, your fundraising efforts will go much further on social media.
  2. Make it a team effort.
    Allow everyone in your organization to use social media as a way to spread awareness about your mission. They might mistakes, but eventually they’ll become experts in online communication. Plus, you can rest assured, knowing you have a team that believes and actively participates in your cause.
  3. Show your passion.
    As a nonprofit, you’re undoubtedly passionate about your mission.  And, expressing your passion on social media is vital to your organization’s online presence. “If you are passionately ‘giving’ on social media, you should also be getting the same in return,” says Nick Carranza from Children’s Hospital LA. Keep this in mind the next time you sit down to share something with your followers.
  4. Interact. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.
    Use social media to build community and connect with fellow nonprofits and organizations that support your mission. Stay involved by liking, favoriting, retweeting, sharing and commenting.
  5. Don’t get stuck on statistics.
    At times, you may find yourself getting sucked into your website’s analytics. But, it’s important for nonprofits to look beyond those numbers. As HootSuite explains, “Ask yourself: are people actually donating canned goods? Are they participating in your challenge to raise awareness? Answers to these questions will help you figure out whether you’ve changed people’s perception about your cause.”

Follow these best practices and you’ll be well on your way to growing your mission. Firespring offers social media services for nonprofits. Just give us a call at 877.447.8941 or send an email to