Posted by Jay Wilkinson

#5: Adhering to a Schedule

When it comes to sending out a regular e-mail marketing piece like a newsletter, there’s no need to have a set schedule. That almost sounds like heresy, right? So many organizations do this. But let’s be honest: We don’t email things according to a rigid schedule for our constituents. We do it for our own benefit because it’s easier for us to work according to a timetable.

Basically, if we put our email marketing pieces on a schedule, then we know we’ll remember to send them. But this strategy is very “us-centered.” It doesn’t focus our efforts on engaging with our subscribers when the time is right; it focuses our attention on the calendar.

But the truth is, nobody is sitting on other end of that email, tapping his or her fingers, waiting patiently for your email to arrive. That simply never happens. So in order to avoid the trappings of a set schedule, I recommend that you merely send emails out one at a time—just one topic or issue at a time with a message that’s very singular in purpose. Keep your emails focused, and share them when it’s timely, not just when you’re “supposed” to.

For example, let’s say a new employee is starting at your organization tomorrow and you want to introduce him to your constituents. Don’t wait till it’s the scheduled time for your e-newsletter to go out. Instead, send a message today. That way your message is timely, it’s appropriate, and when people get it, they’re going to hear from you first before they hear it anywhere else.

This is the kind of sentiment that you want to build into your email marketing program—one where your supporters feel like you’re sharing news with them before the rest of the public. This gives your email marketing pieces value, and your subscribers will appreciate your putting them first.

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