Posted by Jay Wilkinson

#6: A Weak Welcome Letter

Your welcome letter is crucial. It’s your first email communication with your constituents, most likely after they’ve made a donation or taken some step to engage with your nonprofit, and it sets the tone for your subsequent email messages. That’s why it’s very important to take time to craft a good one.

In the nonprofit world, we love auto responders. They’re easy. But most of them sound alike. "Thank you very much for signing up/making a donation/registering/etc., blah, blah, blah.” We fill them with boring stuff and nothing that sets us apart from anyone else. And we don’t say anything that makes our new supporter feel good about his contribution, registration or whatever type of action he just took.

So I strongly urge you, don’t just using the default mechanisms that are built in to your automated responders. Instead, write and send powerful, professional messages that will help people understand how your organization works, what you’re doing in the community and how their support will make a difference. You want to build positive momentum every step of the way, but especially in the beginning when someone has made a donation, opted into your list, registered for an event, or whatever. Make that initial communication an impactful one. It’s your chance to get a first impression right and keep your subscribers eager to hear from you again.

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