Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Email marketing for nonprofits has been around for a while, but it remains one of the most worthwhile marketing tools available. There is so much opportunity in email marketing if it’s done right—it can make a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line and it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with supporters and prospects.

If you’re not sold yet, or you just need a refresher, let me remind you of these five important benefits of email marketing for nonprofits:

One thing to always be cognizant of: People are protective of their email addresses. Of course, you need a good list in order to be most effective in your email marketing efforts. But when you’re soliciting email addresses from prospects and donors, be sure to always state, “We will never give your information to a third party.” This is important whether you’re collecting email addresses on your website or offline.

And don’t ask for more information than you need when asking people to subscribe. Research has shown that the more fields people have to fill in on a form, the less likely they are to sign up.

Email marketing for nonprofits remains an effective marketing tool, yes—but only if you secure your recipients’ trust and they know that their information is safe with you.