Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Some people like to get technical when talking about SEO, and while there is a time for that, one of the most fundamental aspects of good search engine optimization is something you can easily accomplish right now: Adding fresh content to your website.

A basic but effective way to improve your SEO immediately is to begin posting fresh content to your website on a regular basis—a minimum of once per week. Every nonprofit that wants to have a strong online presence and drive traffic to their website should have a feasible content strategy.

I do want to make a disclaimer though: It’s important to focus your content strategy on building thought leadership and a voice for your nonprofit, not on SEO. You can do this by writing exceptional and relevant content that’s targeted to your audience. Posting dated, original content at least one time a week written specifically for your constituents—not search engines—is crucial.

Keyword optimization is certainly important, and it’s useful when trying to understand which keywords to include in your ad copy and your website—but I would never advocate putting keywords in your content just for the sake of having them there. You want your content (articles, blog posts, white papers, etc.) to read easily and flow naturally. Again, you’re writing for people, not for search engines.

If you use the right keywords intermittently within content that’s relevant and well written, that’s your secret sauce. Find the right mix of accurate keywords and natural language, and that’s where the SEO magic will happen.