Posted by Jay Wilkinson

In the nonprofit world, our mantra is, “We have to do more with less.” Ever heard that? Do More With Less—it’s the calling song of the entire nonprofit sector, or so it seems. I hear it so often.

And this thinking easily carries over to the way people approach their organization’s website. We say, “We need a website, but let’s spend as little as possible. In fact, can we get one for free? Can someone donate one to us?”

And then here’s what happens: The return on investment (ROI) on free or nothing is free or nothing, right? I mean, that’s typically how it works.

Think about this for a moment. If you spend $1 on something and you get 75 cents to $1 back, then you spend $100 and you get $300 back, which scenario is better?

When it comes to building a nonprofit website that’s fully functional and engaging, the question should not be, “How much does it cost?” The question should be, “What’s the return on the investment?” Your website has incredible potential and opportunity to increase donations, decrease expenses and printing costs, and engage with your audience in a meaningful way that connects them even tighter with your organization. If you build your site with the correct tools and functionality, you could see a huge ROI—and that is the right approach.

We really need to stop thinking, “How little can we spend?” and start asking instead, “How much do we need to spend in order to get a huge ROI?” Start thinking about your nonprofit website from that perspective, not with a do-it-cheap mentality.