Posted by Jay Wilkinson

On your website, landing pages are where the action happens—at least, that’s the goal. Good nonprofit landing pages can make your website a converting machine. If a landing page is designed well, users will know exactly what you want them to do within five seconds.

To create the best nonprofit landing pages, be sure to include these five elements:

  1. A clear and engaging headline.
    This should tell the user what the page is about in a concise but compelling way. It’s also a good idea to complement the text that brought the user to that particular page so there’s a seamless flow and familiarity.
  2. A descriptive subhead with brief, succinct text explaining the page’s particular purpose.
    Here’s where you can give visitors more details about why they’re there and what you want them to do. It’s not necessary to write paragraphs; people won’t read it all. But you do want to be engaging and provide clarity and direction.
  3. A clear call to action with a prominent button.
    Your goal for this page is conversion—you want visitors to click that button. Be sure your call to action is specific (Donate Now rather that just Submit) and that the button is eye-catching.
  4. Compelling images that help tell your story and tug at heartstrings.
    Don’t leave the heavy lifting to the text. Images that evoke emotion or draw a user into the page speak louder than words, so choose wisely. Just remember to marry the image with the text. Together they should clearly tell your story and explain what you want the user to do.
  5. Testimonials.
    Nothing speaks louder than comments from others who support and believe in your organization. In a day when Yelp reviews and social media posts can significantly sway others’ opinions, testimonials from passionate supporters can make a big impact on potential donors.

One last thing to mention: Eliminate all top navigation from your landing pages. This keeps your user on the page and the focus on the call to action. Your goal on any particular landing page is to get him to click on that button. You can provide options for navigating to other pages later.