Posted by Jay Wilkinson

Last week I talked about how to create the perfect nonprofit landing page. Now that you know how to create successful nonprofit landing pages, let’s talk about the pitfalls to avoid.

Here are the five best ways to make your nonprofit landing page worthless.

1. Too many options.
If you give people too many things to focus on, they won’t focus on anything. Understand how users navigate a page and make your design lead their eyes through the relevant information and to your one single CTA.  A landing page is one place where giving users options will work against you.

2. Too much text.
People don’t read word-for-word online, they scan—especially if they’re viewing your website on a mobile screen. If you have too many words on your page, you may turn users away. Keep your message interesting, but short and sweet.

3. Lack of images or video.
Engaging and compelling images make us want to help. If you don’t include images that draw users in, you decrease the likelihood that they will connect viscerally with your plea.

4. Asking the user for too much info.
Your guideline should be, ask for the least amount of information possible in order to accomplish your goal. Studies have shown that, as fields on forms increase, conversion rates decrease.

5. Call to action is unclear.
The number one mistake on nonprofit landing pages is an unclear call to action. This can include too many calls to action because without a singular focus, it’s unclear to the user what you want him to do.

Bottom line, nonprofit landing pages are the gateway to your website. All the different touch points we have with our audience, whether it’s through email marketing, social media, direct mail pieces or other marketing tools, they should get people right where we want them and motivate them to take action.