Posted by Jay Wilkinson

As I travel to speak at events around the country or during my webinars for nonprofit leaders, I’m asked several questions about how organizations can optimize their websites. Here’s a common one that maybe you’ve wondered about yourself.

Q: We’ve tried and failed before to maintain a blog, so we decided to pull in a national blog from a like-minded organization. Can I consider that an effective way to increase vitality on our website?

A: The short answer is yes, that is an effective way to boost vitality on your website and make it appear that your website’s content is fresh and current. It’s absolutely okay to do that.

But I will also say this: It’s not the best way. The best way, if you’re interested in that, is to re-energize your team and figure out how to blog successfully with unique and original content. And yes, I completely understand that the vast majority of organizations who start to blog, stop blogging. They fail because they can’t sustain it.

But one effective blogging strategy that you may find easier to implement is to build a team blog—recruit several people to contribute as opposed to relying on just one individual to maintain your blog week after week.

When you pull together a team of people, you distribute the work and responsibility among a group of people so sustaining a blog is more doable. And your team, by the way, doesn’t all have to come from your paid staff. If you’re a tiny organization with just a few people, you can still have a really powerful blogging strategy by working with volunteers, board members, key donors and even key constituents who want to be on your blogging team.

However, yes, it’s fine to pull in another blog or curate content as long as that content is always posted with a date, and that date is within seven days of the last dated content. As long as you are posting and updating content consistently, it will boost vitality on your site.