Posted by Jay Wilkinson

“Check us out online at”

Compelling—makes you really want to visit that website, right?

No. Not so much.

Herein lies the number one rule of web promotion: You have to tell people what’s in it for them. There is absolutely nothing about a “check us out” or “find us online” statement that is going to compel people to visit your nonprofit website. In order to drive traffic, we must tell our audience more than just how to get there—we need to explain why they should visit. We need to make it about them instead of about us.

That’s the bottom line. It sounds so simple, but few of us actually do it.

This is a basic tenant of advertising—it’s called giving people a call to action. Yes, inviting your target audience to your nonprofit website is important, as well as getting your URL out there and telling people where to find you. But you’re busy, I’m busy, the whole online world is busy. If you want people to take a few minutes out of their day to visit your website to see what your organization is all about, then you need to explain why they should. Don’t ever assume that they’ll know.

So instead of just saying, “check us out online,” how about being more specific, like “go to to register for XYZ event” (along with a link directly to the registration form). Or “see how you can be a part of our biggest and best fundraiser this year” with a link to the landing page.

Successful marketers understand that people are much more likely to respond if the message is specific and actionable. You’ll be amazed how implementing this one fundamental concept will drive more traffic—and more qualified leads—to your nonprofit website.