Posted by Lisa Thompson

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to publish fresh content on a regular basis. Your visitors will appreciate it, and search engines love it.

Your key to fresh website content: A blog.

A blog allows you to talk about your cause, tell stories about people you’ve helped and show your website some love in the form of new, original content. Publishing a new post once a week or so will help you create an engaging feel to your website, attract the likes of Google and Bing and get more people talking about you. It’s a win-win-win.

Before you bristle at the thought of churning out a new blog post every week, think about this: It doesn’t have to be you. In fact, the best approach to a blog for most nonprofits is a team approach with multiple writers, including guest bloggers.

Guest blogging is just what it sounds like—asking other people to write posts for your blog.  If you think about it for a minute, you probably have several potential guest authors including donors, volunteers, board members, recipients of your services, professionals and specialists in your field, event attendees and sponsors.  

And on top of saving you time and brainpower, guest bloggers may also:

  1. Attract new readers. When someone writes a guest post, they’re likely to share it with their community and social networks. If they don’t, you can nudge them. Once you publish a post written by a guest blogger, send the author a thank-you email with a link to the post and encourage them to share it.
  2. Allow you to cover more topics. You have a lot of expertise, no doubt, but there may be issues related to your cause that other people know more about. Invite them to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have. This could provide an educational opportunity for both you and your readers.
  3. Get your community involved. Ask major donors or volunteers to share their passion for your organization. Recruit a board member to talk about his background and experience and why he jumped onboard with your nonprofit. Solicit posts from partner organizations, government officials or company sponsors. This increases engagement within your community and deepens relationships with key people, which is always valuable.
  4. Foster new partnerships. Is there an influential thought leader in your space you’ve wanted to meet? Or an organization or company you’ve pinpointed as a prospective partner? Use guest blogging as an opportunity to get a new relationship started. They may reciprocate and ask you to guest blog for them, which could potentially expand your reach as well.

Your blog is an excellent mouthpiece for your organization, but it can also be an effective platform for publishing content that boosts SEO, increases your exposure and helps you build key relationships. Get your guest blogger list started—the benefits are just a post or two away.