Posted by Mardi Elwood

University advertising and marketing students crave the opportunity to share their ideas with businesses and organizations. Not only do they want to learn, they also want to get involved in causes or opportunities they care about. Getting the chance to put their ideas to work in real-world scenarios can help students build their resumes and get them more connected in the community. If you’re a nonprofit in need of marketing assistance, chat with administrators at your local university for access to students studying advertising or marketing.

Below are a few benefits that come with working with universities to get marketing help:

  1. Fresh ideas:

    Because they are currently studying this field, they are learning new ways to market in fresh and different ways. Here is a list of topics you can bring to students for help:

  2. Social media tactics:

    Whether you are a new nonprofit or one that needs a social media revamp, university students may have new and unique ways to reach your target audience. Not only this, they can suggest content to post on social media platforms to make your brand relevant to your audience.

  3. Branding:

    Though you may not use them to rebrand your nonprofit, approaching them about the subject can allow them to point you in a direction that could work for a rebrand, or a new brand coming into the market. This opportunity can also allow them to put their ideas in their working portfolio for future job searches.

  4. Technology:

    Keeping up with technology is already hard as it is. University students may have insights on what technology is coming into the market or what may already be there that may be applicable to your organization. With the advancement of technology, universities are starting to offer classes that keep students informed on the latest developments. Because they have this knowledge, approaching them on what may work best for your brand can give you ideas on how to market to your audience in a fun and interactive way.

Another plus to working with college students is that they will help collaborate on projects for free or relatively cheap. Being in college, many students are focused on getting things added to their resume, so asking them for ideas is a win-win situation. Not only this, but if you are trying to reach the age range they fall into, they can give you tips and tricks on how to get attention from that target market.

Overall, working with university students to get different ideas on marketing your brand is beneficial. College students are eager and ready to not only give you ideas, but learn things from you as well. This tactic is inexpensive and the ideas that can sprout from it can advance and energize your nonprofit in new ways.

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