Hear from Your Peers

How does Firespring impact nonprofits every day?

Let these reviews do the talking.

  • “We’ve definitely had an increase in online membership renewals, which we’re able to do on our website. It’s really a no-brainer for organizations, particularly other nonprofits that have a limited budget. The functionality is there and the price is incredible, so why wouldn’t you go with Firespring?”
    —Stephanie Israel, Marketing & PR Director

  • “Everything about Firespring’s product and support service is consistently excellent. Today was no exception: First off, a live human answered my call—on first ring! Immediately connected to another human! Problem solved quickly and without condescension! All for a product/service that is so consistently functional that we rarely have to call at all (usually operator error when we do). We love this company and service.”
    Aaron Collins, Director of Communications and Community Relations

  • “We have really appreciated the ease with which we were able to transition to the Firespring donation processing tool and the way our donors can easily log on to our website and make a donation. Prior to switching to Firespring, our staff and donors often had difficulty making donations through our online system. Anyone who runs a program that takes online donations or wants to take online donations should consider using Firespring.”
    Kathryn Thompson, Executive Director